Personalized reusable party cups

12 / 7 / 2022

For a party to be a success, we have to take care of the small details. They are the ones that will make the difference and will surprise our guests. To begin with, it would be very important to turn the party into a sustainable event.

Prioritizing sustainable and environmentally friendly elements will allow you to make a difference and create a unique celebration. At Ecogots we create reusable cups that follow this precept. And in this way, offer you personalized party cups that adapt to each special occasion.

The Impact of personalized reusable party cups

As we were saying, it is important to consider the impact of using plastic cups at our parties. For example, by eliminating as many plastic materials as possible, including single-use materials such as plates or cups, we make a big change.

These are elements that we do not usually take into account and that have a considerable impact. We could also bet on elements made from recycled materials, such as napkins, tablecloths or cutlery. Without forgetting sustainable, biodegradable and reusable proposals.

If you are thinking of organizing a birthday, a baby shower, a company celebration or a family or friends party, take note because what we are going to tell you will interest you.

Advantages of personalized reusable party cups

A practical idea, original and committed to our planet, would be to use reusable cups for sustainable parties. As in the case of Ecogots, they are biodegradable cups made from rice husks that leave no residue.

What advantages do we have if we use this type of personalized party cups?

  • We will contribute to the organization of a sustainable party, eliminating single-use plastics.
  • We will share with our guests our concern for important issues such as climate change.
  • We will become an example for our guests. Going for reusable party cups (reusable party cups) Ecogots is a statement of intent.
  • We send a message of optimism with which we shout to the world that a change of habits is possible.
  • In this way, we will share our environmental concerns, raising awareness among attendees to make a change of chip in their consumption habits.

A personalized party with plastic-free cups

Personalized and reusable party cups become a gift for guests. As they can be personalized, they are a perfect detail to remember the event.

Attendees can take the reusable party cups home and use them for 2 years without any problem. Plus, they can wash them in the dishwasher or use them to heat up their favorite drink in the microwave. As you can see, they are all advantages.

Betting on reusable party cups is to guarantee the success of those small details that turn a conventional party into a successful sustainable party. Are you in for a change?

Elisabet Zaragoza
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Elisabet Zaragoza
Co-founder of Ecogots. My tasks are closely related to the management and organisation of both orders and workers.

I also coordinate the purchase of material, payment forecasts, revision of rates... more administrative tasks.

I also attend lectures, conferences and Ecogots meetings.

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