Cups for trade fairs and conventions

At Ecogots we create a product tailored to the culture. The design of the cups for conventions and fairs allows attendees and organisers to consume their drinks throughout the day, but reducing the waste and impact generated by their participation. A way to promote culture and leisure, but supporting a more responsible consumption in fairs and conventions.

Our cups are designed for all types of liquids, and can be used for the consumption of all types of beverages available at the fair or convention. From water or coffee to soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. In addition, you can customise the cup with the corporate image of the event and turn it into an integrated element.

We have the cups for your next convention

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  • Design your cups

    Choose the type of glass you want and add your image to it.
  • Enjoy the convention

    Here's to a happier and more sustainable convention.

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