• Ecogots, biodegradable and customized waste-free cups

    The new reusable cup concept for more sustainable events and a happier world
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100% environmentally friendly

100% Customizable

Customized cups that adapt to your ideas and integrate into the design of the event.

100% Biodegradable

Thanks to their materials, Ecogots cups biodegrade organically and leave no waste.

100% Reusable

Designed with a two-year shelf life, recyclable cups support the responsible use cycle.

Reusable and customizable cups

Designs and sizes to match your ideas!
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Recyclable cups made from rice husks

We create environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable cups, favoring a natural and waste-free recyclable process.
  1. Creation

    Made with rice husk for 60% of the product.
  2. Useful life

    Designed to be reused for 24 months.
  3. Decomposition

    Natural decomposition after 3 years and no waste.

Biodegradable cups for more sustainable events

At Ecogots we are committed to a sustainable future: we create reusable ecological cups with customized designs for each event. Our goal is to take care of the environment by offering an ecological alternative to plastic.

Looking for recyclable and biodegradable cups for your event or festival? We have the Ecogots you need!
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