Ecogots, the new concept of reusable, recyclable, and customizable cups

Ecogots cups are 100% environmentally friendly. They leave no microplastic waste.

100% Customizable

We believe in the union of two concepts: Personalized design and care for the environment.

100% Biodegradable

Thanks to innovation in materials, ecogots decompose organically and leave no plastic waste in the environment.

100% Reusable

Every time we use a cup, we are contributing to environmental sustainability. Our cups have a useful life of two years.

Ecogots was born out of a global concern: to take the utmost care of the planet

Want to know why our custom reusable cups are so special? Our main goal is, as far as possible, to take care of the environment by choosing ecological cups as an alternative to conventional ones. Joining to us with the ecological and reusable cups?


Ecogots recyclable cups are environmentally friendly


Reuse your custom cups as many times as you want

Can be washed

Once washed, they can be reused without any problems

Rice, the main component of the cup

Made with Oryzite rice husk


Ecogots cups have the same cost as other plastic cups


You can customize it with the color you like and your logo

We use the rice husk as a component of the cup

It allows to replace the plastic in proportions of 85% of the final product. We use rice husk in powder or granule format, always depending on the final application, the processes, and the polymers with which it is mixed.

Take the utmost care of the planet with our biodegradable cups

The main goal of Ecogots is to contribute to the fight to reduce waste, try to take the utmost care of the planet and respect it. How? Using the biodegradable and sustainable cups of Ecogots that do not leave any residue in the environment and that, in addition to being compatible with the usual recycling techniques, are a 100% ecological and biodegradable option.

Sustainable custom cups

Ecogots cups can also be customized. We use products that have little impact on the environment. We promote light, elegant designs, with little ink and, above all, 100% biodegradable.

Do you join us?
Ecogots, the only ecological cups on the market

your events with Ecogots

At Ecogots we customize your events. Aware of the power of an image, we offer reusable, personalized and biodegradable cups at an incomparable price.

We believe in the union of two concepts: custom design and the environment. At Ecogots we can create custom reusable cups, with a product design to your liking by selecting the colour of the cup and ink. We want to promote light, elegant designs with less and less ink, which means that the impact they have on the environment is minimal. This personalization makes our cups a powerful marketing tool able to enhance the visual identity and the memory of the consumer.

In addition, from Ecogots we encourage our customers to create and customize cups of special or limited editions.

Do you want to maintain a cleaner and more sustainable planet? The cups personalized Ecogots are 100% reusable and biodegradable. Through its use and recycling you can contribute to the preservation and care of the planet. They are respectful of the environment, so encouraging more responsible and sustainable consumption.

Do you need personalized and different cups for your brand or company? At Ecogots we have the solution.