• Ecogots, vasos personalizados reutilizables y libres
    (de residuos)

    The new concept of customized cups for a greener use and a happier world
    ¡Vasos reutilizables!

Al 100% con el medioambiente

100% Personalizados

Customizable cups that adapt to your ideas and integrate into your organization's design.

100% Ecological

Thanks to their materials, these cups are recyclable and environmentally friendly. They degrade organically without leaving residues.

100% Reutilizables

With a two-year shelf life, they are customized reusable cups that support greener consumption.

Vasos personalizados y reutilizables

Customizable designs and sizes to fit your ideas for your eco-friendly cups!
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Recyclable and environmentally friendly cups without a drop of plastics

We create recyclable and personalized cups committed to the environment. They are ecological cups that follow a totally natural biodegradable process.
  1. Ecological design

    Hechos con cáscara de arroz en un 60% del producto.
  2. Reusable life

    Diseñados para ser reutilizados durante 24 meses.
  3. Biodegradation

    Descomposición natural a los 3 años y sin residuos.

Ecogots is your greenest option

Personalized reusable cups for a greener world

At Ecogots we are committed to a sustainable future: we create personalized cups with our own designs for each event. Our goal is to take care of the environment by offering an alternative to recyclable and ecological cups without plastic.

That is why if you are looking for ecological cups to organize an event and you value that they are recyclable, we have the Ecogots you need!
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