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Are you looking for the perfect partner for your parties and events? Choose the reusable, biodegradable cup that best suits your needs. Available in various colors and, in addition, they are 100% personalized glasses.

Forget about disposable plastic cups and choose our Ecogots: recyclable, reusable and 100% biodegradable cups.

Buying reusable cups has never been so easy.

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Reusable cup 110 ml

110 ml reusable cup, mainly for coffee, liqueurs, tastings... Natural in ...

Reusable cup 165 ml

165 ml reusable cup, mainly for coffee, ideal for vending machine, ...

Reusable cup 200 ml

200ml reusable cup, mainly for coffee and cut, although it ...

Reusable cup 250 ml

250 ml reusable cup, for water, latte, American coffee... Can be ...

Reusable cup 330 ml

330ml reusable cup. Ideal for a beer can. Made with ...

Reusable cup 400 ml

400ml reusable cup. For ice and soft drinks. Made with ...

Reusable cup 500 ml

500ml reusable cup, perfect for combo and mojitos. Made with ...

Reusable cup 600ml

600ml reusable cup, perfect for combo and mojitos. Made with ...

Pack of 12 reusable 250ml cups

Pack of 12 250 ml cups with 12 caps of various colors. Without ...

Pack of 50 reusable cups

Pack of 50 custom cups in 1 ink. Choose the size of ...

Pack of 100 reusable cups

Pack of 100 personalized cups in 1 ink. Choose the size of ...

Lid to drink

Ideal lid for drinking and maintaining the temperature of drinks. ...

Characteristics of the Ecogots

Made with biodegradable polymers

Suitable for food use

It can be used in the microwave

They can be washed in the dishwasher

Why are our reusable cups the best choice?

Grupo 388

Reuse whenever you can and reduce plastic consumption

At Ecogots we want you to enjoy your parties and events to the fullest, which is why we offer quality products: reusable and 100% biodegradable cups. Made with unique innovation technology, our reusable cups are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Aware of the need for change and current consumption, our commitment is based on creating biodegradable and reusable cups that leave no waste in the environment. Ecogots cups offer many more benefits than disposable cups.

We have the best cups on the market, the most ecological

With a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture, our Ecogots can be reused as many times as desired, contributing to the sustainability of the environment. In addition, much of the raw material we use comes from recycled materials.

Ecogots is the new concept of personalized, reusable and biodegradable cups. We were born to change the rules, to reduce waste and to achieve a more respectful and ecological consumption without sacrificing quality.