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Cups for more sustainable events

At Ecogots we are committed to a new concept of cups for events. With personalised designs, a reusable cycle of use and with alternative and innovative materials to make everything a success.

Whatever the event you are organising, we help you to give it its own personality and also to reduce the waste generated. We work to adapt our product to the needs of your organisation.

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Our glasses for events such as:

  • Sónar logo
  • Festival internacional de cinema fantàstic logo
  • Ambar cerveza logo
  • Kukuxumusu logo
  • Central lechera asturiana logo
  • ATO llet logo
  • Pans & company logo
  • logo wolf Barcelona

Characteristics of event glasses

  • vaso reutilizable Reusable
  • vaso reutilizable reciclable Recyclable
  • 60% Oryzite 40% PP
  • Customisable
  • Suitable for food use
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
Campo arroz

Event Glasses with 3R’s


Reuse is the basis for reduction. In addition, we opt for a responsible manufacturing process.


We all like to reminisce about the events we’ve been to. Use your glass again, don’t throw it away.


If you have a lot of glasses left over from your event and you think you are not going to use them, the best thing to do is to recycle them or give them a second life.
Vasos afronation

Improve the organisation of your event

We work to offer you an eco-friendly and quality service when it comes to organising and hosting your events. Count on us to help you through this exciting process. We have an answer for both large events and those that require a smaller number of glasses. In both cases, we offer customisable and environmentally friendly options.

Vasos personalizados festival

Reusable cups for your event

We have all kinds of glasses, for all kinds of occasions. If you have another idea or do not find the option you were looking for, you can take a look at our other options or contact us.

Assessment of products

helena tor
helena tor
Comanda senzilla i puntual. Producte top
Nervi Òptic
Nervi Òptic
Han sigut rapidíssims i molt atents! Els gots han quedat xulíssim, son per una festa a casa!
Rocío Salazar
Rocío Salazar
Los vasos personalizados lo triunfaron en mi fiesta. Resultado profesional y te los envían súper rápido.
sunflower produccions
sunflower produccions
Sempre treballem amb Ecogots, ràpides, professionals, tot perfecte! Encantades dels resultats!
Elias Elhmoudi
Elias Elhmoudi
Muy buena causa, comprometidos con el medio ambiente y sobretodo con la puntualidad de tener listo el pedido. Volveré a contar con ellos !
Txell Parareda / Coaching y crecimiento personal
Txell Parareda / Coaching y crecimiento personal
Gràcies Ecogots per la vostra professionalitat, rapidesa, proximitat. És un gust treballar amb gent que genera confiança, són ràpids i eficaços!
Cati Tejero
Cati Tejero
Un servei fantàstic. Molt amables, resolent qualsevol dubte de manera ràpida. El disseny dels gots tal com ens esperàvem. 100% recomenable.
Escola Alfons I
Escola Alfons I
Molt fàcil, molt ràpid i molt bonics! Gràcies

Doubts about glasses for events

How many days can glasses be used in an event?

They have no limitation of use.

How do you differ from glass glasses for events and what is the benefit?

Glasses are the most visual in terms of drinks, that is, we always see their content and we are accustomed to seeing what we drink. However, they are less resistant, they can be broken if they fall and someone suffers a damage from it. Therefore, at events, the best are reusable glasses from other more resistant materials, such as our Ecogots. If they fall on the dance floor, they will not break up and no one will be injured.

Offer the option of glasses for major events? How many units can I order for my event?

At Ecogots we serve the amount that the customer wants. From 50 units to thousands, this will be marked by the customer. We fully adapt to your needs depending on the magnitude of the event.

What is the difference with plastic glasses for events?

Our glasses are looking for events with 3rd’s. We focus on reducing waste, with a responsible manufacturing process. reusing the glasses during their useful life. And recycle the surplus cups, to give them a new life.

Can I customize reusable glasses with the logo of my event? What options do I have?
We can customize the glass to 1 color or several. We always recommend as little inks as possible, because it is the most ecological option. Even so, if the client wishes, we also make glasses in more colors. It is a question of asking us for a budget and seeing if it is feasible to make personalization.
Do you only offer the option of selling or also renting drops for events?
At present, sales predominate, but we also offer the service of renting drops. We have specific references and they have a special design. In this case the customer cannot personalise it to their own taste because otherwise they cannot rent it again. You can inform you of prices and conditions by sending us an email and we will reply with all the information.
Can I return the remaining glasses of the event? Do you perform any recycling process?
We recommend that customers reuse them as much as they can and, if they do not want them, they recycle them in the relevant containers for packaging (yellow). For other recycling alternatives, you can contact us.

Personalised cups for events

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