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Looking for the perfect partner for your parties and events? You can now buy the reusable cups that best suit your style and with less plastic.

Characteristics of reusable cups

Suitable for food use

Can be used in the microwave

They can be washed in the dishwasher

Sustainable production

Fully reusable

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With a reusable cup you reduce waste

At Ecogots we want you to make the most of your moments, which is why we offer you quality products: reusable and sustainable cups. Made with an innovative material, our reusable cups are always environmentally friendly. Aware of the need to change current consumption, our commitment is based on offering sustainable alternatives to single-use cups and conventional plastic cups.

Conscientes de la necesidad de cambiar el consumo actual, nuestro compromiso se basa en ofrecer alternativas sostenibles a los vasos de un solo uso y a los vasos convencionales de plástico.

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Your reusable cups, unique and better, with Ecogots

Our cups can be reused as many times as you want, contributing to the sustainability of the environment. Most of the raw materials used come from natural materials. Ecogots was created to change the rules, reduce waste and create different and unique cups. We create reusable cups for a more respectful consumption without sacrificing quality.

Ecogots nace para cambiar las reglas, disminuir los residuos y conseguir unos vasos diferentes y únicos. Creamos vasos reutilizables para un consumo más respetuoso y sin renunciar a la calidad.


How do your reusable cups differ from other options on the market?
We offer reusable cups that can be used several times and are made with environmentally friendly products and prepared to follow a natural decomposition process. They are really clean reusable cups that leave no residue.
Can the reusable tumbler be customised with colour and logo? What options and differences do you offer as a customised tumbler?
You can choose the colour of the glass and the colour of the logo. Remember that it is better to use logos with a small amount of ink and if possible in 1 colour. The environment will thank us for it.
How long can I reuse the vessel without affecting its structure?
For 2 years we guarantee that Ecogots maintain their characteristics and properties intact and are suitable for reuse and food use.
Are your reusable cups recyclable and what process do you follow to be able to call them eco-friendly?
Yes, they can be recycled during the 2 years. In the yellow bin. We can call them ecological for several reasons: because for their manufacture we do not have to produce raw materials, because they disintegrate completely and do not leave microplastics and because the mere fact of reusing is already more ecological than throwing them away.
What are the components used in the manufacture of the cup to make it reusable?
Rice husks are at the heart of our reusable cups. To support a more responsible consumption, without waste and micro plastics, we have brought together innovation and technology. They are made of Oryzite® (rice husk-based compound), polypropylene and a masterbach (Lyfecycle®) which make it a naturally biodegradable product.
What is the difference with reusable plastic cups?
There are many differences. The main difference is that they will not leave micro plastics when they degrade completely, and therefore, the waste we will generate will be zero. In addition, we replace part of the polypropylene with Oryzite ® and as we have been explaining, this process in itself is already more environmentally friendly.
Are they considered reusable polypropylene cups, and is there a difference between them?
They are not 100% polypropylene, although they do contain a part of it, in order to inject them and obtain the glass that we currently have. The main difference is this. The composition and the fact that Ecogots will not take millions of years to decompose and will not leave residues.

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