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Cups for festivals and concerts

We put at your disposal a new model of cups for festivals and concerts, so that they are more sustainable. Through our biodegradable and reusable cups, both music festivals and concerts can count on a more ecological and consumption-conscious model.

At Ecogots we have designed our glasses so that at your festivals and concerts you can offer a biodegradable product and, in addition, personalized with the image of the festival. A way to create personality, bet on the planet and create an unforgettable memory.

Our glasses for festivals and concerts are completely biodegradable, preventing waste from being left in concert areas without recycling. Also, if festival goers want to take the cup home as a souvenir or reuse it, it will last for 2 years.

We believe that more sustainable concerts are possible and our festival cups are a clear bet for be able to do it together.

Your fest cups

  • Tell us about your concert or festival

    We will be glad to know what you have in your hands and offer you the best festival glass.
  • Design your festival cups

    You can customize them to adapt the cup to the festival or concert, to keep the graphic line.
  • Let the concert begin

    Grab your festival cups and enjoy the concert toasting to a sustainable world.

Tell us your idea

You can contact us without any obligation. We would love to hear about your idea. You can fill in the form or contact us by email or telephone (Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18h).

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