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Personalized Cups for Weddings

If you are organizing a wedding and want your wedding to be original, sustainable and environmentally friendly, Ecogots has the solution.

You can use our reusable cups, 100% customizable and made of rice husk at different moments of the celebration. To serve soft drinks, coffees, cocktails... Any drink will be welcome in an Ecogots cup, hot or cold.

In addition, our 100% biodegradable cups can be customized with the design, color or size chosen by the couple. In this way, we turn the wedding cups into the perfect gift for our guests.

A gift in the form of a personalized, resistant cup that guests can use without any problem for two years after the wedding.

We have sustainable glasses for original weddings

  • Tell us your planning

    We would love to hear about your plans and help you find the best glasses for your wedding.
  • Personalize them

    Give a unique touch to the glasses as a wedding souvenir.
  • Enjoy your day

    Our wedding glasses are environmentally friendly and leave no waste behind.

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