Reusable and sustainable cups to enjoy coffee

17 / 3 / 2022

More and more people want to enjoy themselves in a responsible and sustainable way. At Ecogots we have designed reusable coffee cups to accompany you from the first moment of the day.

With the new measures that have been taken because of the Coronavirus every time there are more people who carry the coffee to work or who consume outside the premises, take away. The main problem of not being able to consume at the premises is that most of the containers they offer are made with plastic from a single source. This produces an excess of microplastics in the environment, which will cause hundreds of years to decompose.

Ecogots is committed to caring for the environment. That is why we try to make these changes in people's consumption habits have the least possible impact on the ecosystem. We are constantly working to provide you with the highest quality products, such as our reusable and biodegradable cups that are fully compatible with current recycling techniques and can be recycled during their useful life.

Reusable coffee cups are resistant to high and low temperatures. This allows them to be put in the dishwasher and can also be put in the microwave. They are completely suitable for food use, with a shelf life of 2 years, the sustainable cups of Ecogots can be reused as many times as you want. On the other hand, they can be customized as you wish, using different colors and designs, with or without a lid.

What we want to achieve with reusable coffee cups is the reduction of non-recyclable waste and disposable plastic disposable. Another novelty that we have included in the reusable cups is a craft box so you can enjoy the coffee with whoever you want and wherever you are.

Don't wait any longer and join the change!

Elisabet Zaragoza
Written by:
Elisabet Zaragoza
Co-founder of Ecogots. My tasks are closely related to the management and organisation of both orders and workers.

I also coordinate the purchase of material, payment forecasts, revision of rates... more administrative tasks.

I also attend lectures, conferences and Ecogots meetings.

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