Ecogots, the new concept of personalized, reusable and biodegradable cups

26 / 7 / 2021

At Ecogots we personalize your events, but not only aesthetically. Porque todo aquello que hacemos, lo hacemos pensando el medioambiente. Aware of the power of an image, we offer cups that can be customized, but reusable and biodegradable, always at an unbeatable price.

To do so, we believe in the union of two concepts: personalized design and the environment. Thanks to our innovative technology, we can print personalized images and messages, making them a nice souvenir for parties, concerts and events and making them unique.

At Ecogots we create customizable reusable cups, always tailored to your needs, but also to the needs of the planet. Podemos imprimir tu logo para convertir al vaso en una parte más de tu imagen de marca y transformarlo así también en una acción más sostenible. A unique way to define the culture of companies that look to the future.

Elisabet Zaragoza
Written by:
Elisabet Zaragoza
Co-founder of Ecogots. My tasks are closely related to the management and organisation of both orders and workers.

I also coordinate the purchase of material, payment forecasts, revision of rates... more administrative tasks.

I also attend lectures, conferences and Ecogots meetings.

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