Ecogots with Arròs Montsià

Together with the legendary brand Arròs Monstià, from Ecogots we carried out a collaboration to create rice meters… made of rice! How could it be otherwise, both standard bearers of the use of Oryzite technology for the creation of biodegradable objects.

As part of a brand promotion, an Ecogot cup was given as a rice measuring cup, made with Oryzite, one of our base materials.

Collaborating for a sustainable world

From Arròs Monstià, they innovate by turning their rice husk into Oryzite, a sustainable substitute that defies plastic. At Ecogots, we use this material to create our product in a sustainable and ecological way. The collaboration with the creation of the rice meter is a way to crystallize our interests for a more sustainable world.

Acknowledgements and certifications