We are committed to a new concept: replace plastic with rice husk

Ecogots was born with a clear objective: to take care of the environment. Aware of the need for sustainable consumption, our commitment is based on creating biodegradable products that do not leave residues in the environment or microplastics.

We are committed to changing habits and reducing the waste generated by the celebration of any type of event. And thus, achieve a more respectful and ecological world without sacrificing quality. Would you raise your cup and join us?

A unique formula: Innovation and technology

Ecogots are composed mostly of rice husks, polymers and a masterbatch that makes them 100% biodegradable. This makes them the only truly environmentally friendly and organically decomposable customized reusable cups on the market.

Ecogots are manufactured according to the UNE-EN 1186: 2002 standard for food use. They are also certified as a reusable product UNE 53928: 2020.

Goodbye plastic. Hello rice husk

With more than 10 years of research, we have achieved a unique innovation: the rice husk reduces the use of polymers and turns the Ecogots into resistant, durable and 100% ecological cups.

Thanks to Oryzite technology, we take advantage of the rice husk to make it the basic and main component of our cups, contributing to the reuse of resources without the need to cultivate or produce again. Therefore, in this step we already reduce CO2 emissions.

Success stories

Biodegradation without microplastic residues

Polymateria is the masterbach that makes the product 100% biodegradable. Only in this way do we obtain a personalized and completely ecological reusable cup, which does not pollute and leaves no trace on the planet (or any microplastic).

Our cups have a shelf life of 2 years and are fully recyclable. After this time, degradation is activated by the action of air, light and humidity in the environment. In 3 years, the Ecogots completely decompose without leaving any residue.

60% rice husk, 100% organic

From Ecogots we do not manufacture, we give life to the cups. Thus, we avoid processes that generate industrial pollution. The base material we use is 60% leftover rice husks from crops, offering a real and planet-friendly alternative to plastic.
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