Ecological cups, with more rice husks and less plastic.

Ecogots was born with a clear objective: to take care of the environment by promoting reuse.

Aware of the need for sustainable consumption, our commitment is based on creating more environmentally friendly cups. We are committed to changing habits and reducing the waste generated by the celebration of any type of event.

We replace most of the plastic with rice husk, a compound patented by Oryzite ®, without sacrificing quality.

Raise your cup and join us?

A unique formula

Ecogots are made from rice husks, Oryzite's patented compound, as well as polypropylene. The plastic content of our cups is substantially lower than that of other reusable cups on the market.

This makes them the only customized reusable cups on the market, and they are also truly environmentally friendly.

With this formula, we achieve innovative rice husk cups, offering a very durable alternative.

Ecogots are manufactured in accordance with the UNE-EN 1186: 2002 standard that makes them suitable for food use. They are also certified as a reusable product UNE 53928: 2020.

With Ecogots, you reduce your carbon footprint

With more than 10 years of research, we have achieved a unique innovation: rice husks reduce the use of plastic and turn Ecogots into resistant, recyclable, durable and 100% environmentally friendly cups.

Thanks to Oryzite technology, we use rice husks to turn them into the basic and main component of our cups, contributing to the reuse of resources without the need to cultivate or produce again. Therefore, in this first step we already reduce CO2 emissions. We do not need so much energy for its manufacture and we take advantage of existing resources.

In addition, our products are KM0: raw materials from the "Delta de l'Ebre" a and national manufacturing.

Success stories

100% circular economy

Did you know that we can completely recycle Ecogots?

Our raw materials can be used to manufacture new products. Imagine you have purchased 5,000 cups and you have 500 left over. You can either recycle them by depositing them in the yellow container, or opt for recycling at our recycling plants (where we crush the surplus, treat it and condition it for re-injection).

We can give your glass a second life! Ask us for information without obligation.

vaso biodegradable

For everyone

At Ecogots, we not only manufacture, but we also give life to the cups. In this way we avoid the processes that generate industrial pollution. The base material used is mainly the rice husk left over from crops (being a substitute for the plastic part) and respectful with the planet, obtaining resistant cups, for any event: parties, concerts, weddings, conventions, markets, schools... the limit is up to you.

Our idea is to promote a consumption that avoids any type of waste, very present in most of the celebrations. Reuse is the best action that we can do for a better world.
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The Ecogots team

  • Joan Cristina

    Joan Cristina

    Founder and CEO of Ecogots

    Founder and manager of Ecogots. My main task is to keep everything running, from controlling the manufacturing process to checking orders before they go out.

    I can be on a machine as well as in a meeting. I know all the phases first hand.

    "The most important for Ecogots are the customers, because we manufacture and you help us to make the change that is so necessary for our planet.

  • Elisabet Zaragoza

    Elisabet Zaragoza

    Co-founder and Deputy Manager of Ecogots

    Co-founder of Ecogots. My tasks are closely related to the management and organisation of both orders and workers.

    I also coordinate the purchase of material, payment forecasts, revision of rates... more administrative tasks.

    I also attend lectures, conferences and Ecogots meetings.

  • Anna Corominas

    Anna Corominas

    Graphic Designer and Head of RRSS

    I bring the most creative side to Ecogots.

    I visually represent the brand in all aspects, creating graphic and audiovisual content for the web, Instagram, catalogues, and fairs. I also review, adapt or create the designs and mockups for your glasses, guaranteeing a better and quality result.

  • Núria R. Motjer

    Núria R. Motjer

    Customer Service

    In my professional career I have collaborated in several projects, always focused on the Services sector and with the clear objective of customer satisfaction.

    As Costumer Support and Administrative I manage your queries and requests, resolving any doubts that may arise. Coordinated with the rest of the team, we advise you in the research of the best result. I process your orders so that you receive them in excellent condition.

  • Vicky Oliveira

    Vicky Oliveira

    Workshop Manager

    I am responsible for the preparation of orders, machines and supervision of the vessels leaving the workshop.

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