Sustainable weddings, how to organize them?

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More and more couples want to celebrate their wedding in a sustainable way, with a wedding that is in balance with the world. A trend that has led both the wedding sector to look for new proposals and sustainable brands to offer materials that are much more respectful of the environment.

From Ecogots, our wedding cups are a clear example of how this trend is crystallising into a real option for new weddings. But also brands from other markets such as wedding dresses, catering, gifts for guests, floral decorations or even wedding rings, have looked for new alternatives.

Ideas and gifts for sustainable weddings

If you are a person concerned about climate change, the carbon footprint or the excess of plastic in the seas and oceans, surely you want to keep your environmental principles in your special day and celebrate a sustainable wedding. So take note of the most popular sustainable proposals.

Sustainable bridal designs for the planet

One sector of bridal fashion is opting for the use of fabrics made from sustainable materials, more respectful of the environment, marked by ethical and toxic-free production processes.

Another alternative on the rise is the reuse of vintage dresses. Giving a second life to old dresses, transforming them and adapting them to the bride’s needs and tastes. A trend called up-cycling where creativity plays a very important role in this recycling process.

Sustainable wedding cups

The concern to reduce or even eliminate plastic elements from weddings is a fact that is being reflected in the latest wedding trends. We are increasingly looking for options that allow us to enjoy a personalised cup, as it is a great souvenir, but also one that is more sustainable.

With this in mind, at Ecogots we have created reusable cups that can be used as an aperitif, to serve cocktails or even to serve coffee. These cups offer an extra that couples love: they are fully customisable.

The bride and groom can choose their own design and use it on the cups for their wedding, making them an original gift for their guests. Zero-waste micro plastic-free cups ideal for an eco-friendly wedding.

Sustainable and healthy catering

Gastronomic proposals have also evolved towards healthier and more sustainable menus. With seasonal and local products that avoid, above all, the production of polluting gas emissions caused by transport.

Fresher products, without preservatives or additives, from a fairer and more circular economy. A trend that is much richer and more committed to our surroundings.

If you are organising your wedding and you want to express your philosophy and lifestyle in one of the happiest days of your life, leave additives, unnecessary elements and say goodbye to plastic. Let’s celebrate love in a sustainable way and love our planet more than ever. The best wedding gift is a sustainable one.

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