Committed to the 3R rule and always opting for the circular and local economy

With the use of our cups, the waste generated by them is reduced to zero, as they are 100% biodegradable. In addition, our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, requiring less energy than in other processes and less pollution is generated.

Ecogots can be reused many times during their useful life of two years and, in addition, because they are made largely of rice husk, we help to give a utility to a surplus that is used in the manufacturing our cups with all guarantees.

We sanitize the material, triturated it and it can be reused to create new cups. Therefore, Ecogots can have a second life if we recycle them to get new cups. 

Our goals are clear: every action counts

Save raw materials

Use the same product several times avoids the production of more items, avoids the extraction of raw materials.

Save energy

If we reuse, companies produce fewer items.

Reduce dependence on oil

The energy used by companies comes mainly from oil. Recycled material items can reduce energy use by up to 95%.

Reduce environmental pollution

By not incinerating so many objects, the emission of polluting gases is reduced.

We are the solution

We follow the 3R rule ...

We are committed to the circular economy

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that involves reusing, repairing, renewing, and recycling existing materials and products whenever possible to create added value. The product life cycle is longer.

At Ecogots we use Oryzite rice husk, in large proportion, as a raw material for our cups. To this we add polymers and the masterbach of Polymateria. Therefore, we begin to collaborate with the circular economy from the first link.

We set aside disposable products and are committed to reusing our Ecogots as many times as possible.

We also offer our customers the cup recycling service, which will be used for future productions.

If you return the remaining cups from the event so we can recycle them … we ‘ll buy them back for you!

That is why our cups, in addition to being manufactured in a sustainable and ecological way, are reusable and recyclable. This means you can have your Ecogots and wash them up to over 200 times. But if for your next event you need us to make you a new logo or design, what we will do is repurchase your cups to take care of their recycling. That is, the material is sanitized, crushed, and re-converted into other cups for another event.

At Ecogots, in addition to producing sustainable cups, we manufacture reusable and recyclable cups. The fact that they are reusable already helps us reduce the purchase of disposable cups.

Tell me, don’t you think it’s a 100% effective and sustainable solution?