Our mission

The main objective of Ecogots is to contribute in the fight to reduce waste, try to take maximum care of the planet and respect it. How? Using materials that leave no residue if they supposedly end up in the environment.

Useful life

The cups have a useful life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. After this time, the degradation phase is activated by the action of air, light and humidity in the environment.


The cup breaks down so that finally there are no micro plastic residues that can contaminate the environment. Near the end of the process, the residual residue can be digested by fungi and bacteria, transforming into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

This makes Ecogots be

– 100% biodegradable.
– Recyclable during their useful life.
– Reusable for various events.
– They do not leave micro plastics.

How do we make the plastic 100% biodegradable?

Incorporating a unique and patented formula in our products that helps in the total biodegradation process of the plastic. AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastic) corroborates, with its analysis in the laboratory, that this process is so.