Take the utmost care of the planet with our biodegradable cups

The main goal of Ecogots is to contribute to the fight to reduce waste, try to take the utmost care of the planet and respect it. How? Using the biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable cups of Ecogots that do not leave any residue in the environment and that, in addition, are ecological.

How do we make Ecogots 100% biodegradable?

By incorporating LyfeCycle into our products we make them biodegradable. During the manufacturing process, along with rice husks and polymer masterbatch is added to this, which will be responsible for starting a process of biodegradation of 24 months and get, at 36 months, the deteriorating cups completely and leave no residue.

AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of the plastic) corroborates, with his analysis in the laboratory, that this process realizes correctly.

How does the biodegradation process work?

The cups have a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture and are fully recyclable. After this time, the active phase of degradation by the action of the air, the light, and the humidity of the atmosphere.

In three years, the Ecogots decompose without leaving any residue that could contaminate the environment.

Near the end of the process, the remaining residue can be digested by fungi and bacteria, transforming it into carbon dioxide, water or biomass.

Our commitment is to provide you with biodegradable cups reusable high quality and better performance than the cups of disposable currently on the market.

We were born to change the rules, to reduce waste and to achieve a more respectful and ecological world without sacrificing quality.