We are the new concept of ecological, biodegradable, and reusable cups

Ecogots was born with one goal: to take care of the environment. Aware of the need for change and current consumption, our commitment is based on creating biodegradable products that do not leave waste in the environment (if they are dumped in nature). 

At Ecogots we want to change the rules to reduce waste and to achieve a more respectful and ecological world without sacrificing quality. Affordable cups that contribute to sustainability. Do you join us?

Innovation and latest technology. What makes us unique?

Ecogots are mostly made up of rice husk, polymers and a masterbach that makes them 100% biodegradable. With this we get them to be the only organic cups on the market.    

In addition, they are manufactured following the following regulations 

Suitable for food use according to the UNE-EN 1186: 2002 standard

Reusable cup according to the UNE 53928: 2020 standard, and with the corresponding certificates (migration tests passed successfully)

Replacement of plastics with rice husk

With a unique innovation and more than 10 years of research, rice husk reduces the use of polymers and turns Ecogots into resistant, durable, recyclable, reusable and ecological cups.

Once the biodegradation cycle is complete, they leave no microplastic residue

We add a masterbach that allows them to be 100% biodegradable. This is the only way to obtain an ecological cup that does not pollute or leave a mark on the planet.

1 cup, 33g less

For each reusable cup of Ecogots we save an average of 33 grams of waste. You wonder, why? By opting for our organic cups, you are opting for a 100% biodegradable product made with sustainable materials (such as rice husk). It is an option that offers you many more benefits than disposable plastic cups, while helping to keep the world cleaner: Ecogots cups degrade completely, leaving no waste on the planet.