Oryzite rice is the main component of our cups

Made with rice husk, our eco-friendly recyclable cups incorporate the latest technologies to make Ecogots the perfect solution for cups.


Replacement of plastics

With a unique innovation and more than 10 years of research, rice husk reduces the use of polymers and turns Ecogots cups into resistant, durable, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable cups.

We use the rice husk as a component of the cup, which allows us to replace plastic in proportions of 85% of the final product. In powder or granule format to obtain the best mixture in the different processes and polymers.

Characteristics of rice husk, an essential component of our ecological recyclable cups

Direct advantages

  • Km 0
  • Improves the molding cycle
  • UV resistance
  • Density reduction vs. compounds
  • It is a natural flame retardant
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Improves the lines of union
  • Reduces contraction
  • Better mechanical properties than aggregate compounds
  • Less energy consumption during molding processes

Great CO2 emission reducer / compensator

  • For lower temperature in the manufacture
  • For the shortest manufacturing time
  • For weight reduction
  • By the substitution of all those raw materials that in the synthesis are big emitters of CO2
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