About us

Ecogots was born from a global concern, the magnitude of the problem of plastics, with the objective to contribute to the fight to reduce waste using biodegradable products.

We take care of the environment. Do you join us?

Our main objective is, as far as possible, to take care of the environment. For this we propose this new range of 100% biodegradable cups that leave no residue on the planet.

We want to convey to our clients the high degree of involvement that we have and we encourage them to join us in the fight for change and respect for the environment.

How? Choosing Ecogots cups as an alternative to conventional ones since it is the only 100% ecological option. Zero waste.

Why the Ecogots cups?

They are respectful with the environment: they are made with biodegradable polymers and offer the same benefits as the reusable cups that currently exist on the market. They are rigid, available in various colors, can be customized and have a 12-month useful life.

After this time, a biodegradation process begins that, due to the action of external factors (light, air, heat and humidity), will be completed after 22 months.

Complete biodegradation, they do not leave micro plastics

In 22 months they have completely degraded without leaving microplastics. That is why we can ensure that we care 100% for the planet, leaving no residue.

1 cup, 33g less

For each cup of Ecogots we use, we save on average 33 grams of plastic. For example, for a concert where we could use 5000 cups, if we opt for the Ecogots cups, we are avoiding that 165kg of plastic end up in the sea, landfills or other places. Using our cups, we avoid that this plastic can reach the environment, thanks to the fact that they are 100% biodegradable.